MTK6592 / MTK6582 / MTK6575 / MTK6577 / MTK6589 ADB VCOM PDAnet Drivers

These ADB drivers from PDA Net are the easiest to install and will work with most all MTK phones. 
Drivers required to properly communicate with your MTK Phone for rooting etc...

NEW (09-JAN-2015) PDAnet drivers for 32 and 64 bit Windows


This short tutorial is for those who are trying to root their 
MT6589, MT6592, MT6595, MT6732, MT6752, MT6595, MT6795 MT6589 China phone and can’t find the ADB drivers from the manufacturer.
Though it won’t work for every model, it should help quite a few of us with rooting our China phones. Please report back in the comment section whether the PDAnet drivers worked for you, and what model phone you use so we can aggregate a list here.
1) Download the appropriate PDAnet installer:
2) Open the .zip download and extract the installer. Run the extracted file. If you have User Account Control turned on, you will see a warning. Select ‘Yes’ to continue.
3) Accept the terms of the install and click next until you see ‘Phone Selection’. Assuming it’s a China phone or anything other than what’s named select ‘Others’.
4) Another warning may pop up letting you know Windows can’t verify the publisher of the driver. Select ‘Install anyway’
5) Before connecting your Android phone via USB, turn on ‘USB debugging’ in settings. After turning this mode on, connect the Android smartphone to your PC and click ‘okay’. If prompted, select ‘Install the software automatically’.
6) After the install is finished, you will see a window with several options. For our purposes, DESELECT all options and click ‘finish’.
7) At this point, the ADB driver install should be complete – hopefully successfully. You should see your phone in ‘Device Manager’ now without any warnings assuming everything went well.
8) Report here in comments or via email to GizBeat if the PDAnet ADB driver install worked or didn’t for you and what model phone.
9) Continue to this post (opens in new tab) or use your ADB rooting method of choice.

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