Samsung S6 Custom Rom KT-SGS6E - OCV - KTweaker TW5.0 05/12/2015

Touch-wiz Lollipop 5.0 VERSION:

05.12.2015: Download Here

KT-SGS6 kernel features
Must have a S6 model G925T and G925W8
•Samsung open source
•Optimized kernel configuration
unsecure root adb
•Voltage interface
•Over Clocking
•Under Clocking
KTweaker app for kernel control
KTweaker Widgets
KTmonitor app to watch your cpu cores current speed

Change Log 05.12.2015
1. The wait is over for ktoonservative governor!
2. ktoonservative governor supports hotplugging for some amazing battery life and still smoooooooooth.
3. Shorten internal kernel name so Antutu wont crash on some phones.
4. LED Fade mode code added.
5. LED fade mode fade up time to set how long it takes to fade in.
6. LED fade mode fade down time to set how long it takes to fade out.
7. Disable LED start hour to allow a start time of when LED are NOT active.
8. Disable LED stop hour to allow a stop time of when LED are NOT active.
9. Disable LED always option to disable LEDs all together.
10. Built with Linaro official 4.9 with -O3 optimizations
11. Added ktoonsified v1 profile made by myself and Luigibull, you can get it in the KTweaker shop in KTweaker app. BE SURE TO LOAD YOU STOCK VOLTAGE TABLE AFTER APPLYING!!!!!!!
Change Log 04.19.2015
1. First build, things are just getting started 
2. Min/Max will look weird upon open KTweaker the first time, just slide the Min and Max bars to what you want, this is only setup for the SMALL CPU.
3. So far you can only control the SMALL CPU which is the cpu that ranges from 400-1500Mhz
4. Control over Scheduler.
5. Control over governor for SMALL CPU.
6. Kernel is setup for SELInux Permissive
7. Lots of dmesg spam removed.
8. Dont bother setting other items in KTweaker just yet since things are just getting started.
9. As with all custom kernels since the S4, you may need to find "securestorage" line in build.prop and change from true to a false if you have trouble with wifi remembering your password after reboots.
10. If you have trouble with S-Health after installing custom kernels, Force Stop it and clear cache/data for the app, that will usually take care of it.
11. Please post a "dmesg" after running the kernel for 10-15 minutes and you have let the phone go into deep sleep at least once so I can remove more dmesg spam.
12. ENJOY the awesome!

Change Log 04.29.2015
1. Add voltage control for little and BIG CPU's. Thanks to AndreiLux for pointing me to the right files.
2. Added ondemand and conservative governor.
3. Added CPU Min/Max control for BIG CPU
4. Added ability to tweak governor adjustments.
5. GPU governor selection is working, dont mess with Min/Max yet.
Change Log 05.02.2015
1. Added UC and OC steps for both CPU's. Little now ranges from 200-1600 and big ranges from 200-2496. Be sure to adjust voltages accordingly, the UC and OC steps may not work properly for your binned CPU without tweaking the voltage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Included patch to insure deep sleep is NOT lossed
2. KTweaker 9.3
3. Cleaned up some FC issues
4. GPU screen is now fully functional for all items
5. "Get Phone Information" screen was pretty'd up and added CPU "Time in State" gride for both little and big cpus including Deep Sleep and Total up Time items.
6. OTA is now functional.
7. KTweaker Shop for Profiles is now functional. Only 1 profiles which is the stock settings.
8. Change Log item in KTweaker is now functional.

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