G smart Aku-k1 Flash File Firmware Free Download

G smart Aku-k1 Flash File Firmware Free Download Update by SD Card

1. Goto Download Mode / Recovery mode
2. Update by zip
3.from SD card
4.Choosse flash file

Free Download Flash File by Google Drive
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Samsung F480 Flash File Free Download

Samsung F480 Tocco F480XXIB1 Generic Open Europe
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480XXIC3 Generic Open Italy
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F48RXXIC1 Generic Open Europe Pink Ribbon
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480XBIA1 Generic Open Nordic
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480XEID1 Generic Open Europe Slav
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480JVIC2 Generic Open Turkey
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F48FXEIB1 Generic Open Europe Slav Pink
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480XFHL2 Generic Open Europe East
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480DXHG2 Generic SE Asia
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480DDHG1 Generic India
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
Samsung F480 Tocco firmware F480JCHF1 HG1 Generic Open South Africa
[rapidshare: part1]
[megaupload: part1]
[deposit files: part1]
[hotfile: part1]
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Lenovo A766 China Unicom Flash File Firmware Free Download

Lenovo A766 China Unicom Flash File Firmware Free Download 

1. SP Tool 3.1316
2. USB Driver
3. Flash File

Problem- (da dl with check sum) Error Dll Flash error
* check mark da dl with check sum

Download Lenovo A766  China Unicom Flash File_Google Drive 

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SAMSUNG J700h Custom Binary Blocked

SAMSUNG J700h Custom Binary Blocked By Frp Done....



write this firmware with Odin3 v3.10.6

  • In Odin click on the AP option and choose the extracted (tar.md5) firmware for Galaxy J700H that you downloaded in the first step.
  • Make sure F.Reset Time and Auto Reboot options are checked in Odin.

apply solution

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Symphony B3i MTK6251 Flash File

Symphony B3i MTK6251 Flash File  


CPU_Type = MT625AChip_Capacity =0x300000(3MB)

Symphony B3i Flash file on Google Drive 
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Lenovo A516 Firmware & A516 stuck on logo after Flash Produce-

Lenovo A516 Firmware Free Download 

Produce - 

1. SP Tools
2. USB Driver
3. Lenovo A516 Mobile

Problem - DL Check Sum Error ):

* Lenovo A516 stuck on logo after

Solution- Its DL Check Sum Error  Mean Flash write ok But DL All With Check Sum not complied !
So, Use Sp tools , Mark DL All With Check Sum Option Then Do flash. That's it !

Here Ur File -
Lenovo A516 All Old & Latest Firmware :

A516_ROW_S118_131213.rar (Download Without IDM)
Pass : www.lenovohome.net

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Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300 (Android 4.0.4/4.1.2/4.3) Firmware Multi File

Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300 Firmware Multi File 

for (Android 4.0.4/4.1.2/4.3)

Android 4.0.4 Cream Sandwich
I9300XXALE8 Multi Android 4.0.4
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
I9300XXELL4 Multi Android 4.1.2

I9300XXELLA Multi Android 4.1.2

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
I9300XXUGMJ9 Multi Android 4.3
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Samsung M110S Full Flash File Firmware also Soft Bricked Solution

Samsung M110S Full Firmware also 

Soft Bricked Solution 


Samsung M110S flash file 

Download M110S Flash files

Flash Files to Convert Samsung M110s to i9000


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XperiFirm 4.5.3 Free Download by Google Drive

Lets you download the current firmware for all Sony/Sony-Ericsson smartphones and tablets running Android, mostly of the Xperia line.

Since XperiFirm 4.5.3 Free Download by Google Drive a file called "fwinfo.xml" will be created by XperiFirm inside the firmware's folder!

Preview on Windows 10 Technical Preview:

This file is used by Flashtool to create an FTF for you automatically.
UPDATE YOUR FLASHTOOL TO or else, flashing your firmware will fail with an error!
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Samsung i9300 5.1.1 Lollipop Custom Rom NamelessROM 2.1

Samsung i9300 5.1.1 Lollipop Custom Rom NamelessROM 2.1

What is NamelessROM ?
Simple - NamelessROM is opportunity.
An opportunity to have a voice to the development team of the after-market firmware that you run on your device.

The main goal of NamelessROM is to provide quality development for android devices, phones and tablets alike.
NamelessROM developers are available nearly 24/7 and respond to bug reports and feature requests almost instantly.
This availability will allow you, the end-user, to have direct input into exactly what features and functions are included on the firmware that YOU run.

NamelessROM maintains features and functions of several well-known open-source, AOSP-based ROMs, as well as many features of our own.
Visit our website for more detailed information.

NamelessROM = endless possibilities. Unless you have an iPhone, then you're out of luck.

How TO install custom  ROMS-

Factory Reset/Wipe Data
Format System
Format Dalvik Cache
Install ROM
Install Gapps

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Samsung Galaxy J5 And J7 With Front-Facing Flash For Selfies ( Announces )

Lately with the selfie generation creeping up, we’ve seen not only an increase in pixel count on these front-facing cameras but improved sensors including wide-angle lenses as well. However, a front-facing LED flash design is something relatively new, though Samsung isn’t exactly the first one to have made this move, with the HTC Desire EYE being the first handset to offer this feature, followed by the ZenFone Selfie from Asus. Meanwhile, Apple is suspected to make a similar move with the September bound iPhone 6s, after a code of string was discovered in iOS 9 beta 1 for developers, suggesting not just improvements in the front-facing camera, but the likelihood of a flash as well.

The two smartphones have only been announced for the Chinese market right now, but given the nifty new features Samsung has thrown in, the handsets might eventually flow over to other markets in the coming few months. The Galaxy J5 costs around $225, while the Galaxy J7 can be grabbed for $289.

Both phones pack a 5-megapixel front-facing camera which should do pretty nicely for the avid selfie king / queen, especially in low lighting scenarios. Speaking of the flash, it’s a single LED unit which is more than adequate for a selfie, though a Real Tone or True Tone flash would have really improved the results. a 720p TFT display, but where the J5 sports a 5-inch screen, the J7 is more of a phablet with its massive 5.5-inch panel. Interestingly, at the heart of the J5 is a Snapdragon quad-core CPU, while the J7 is powered by Marvell’s ARMADA Mobile PXA1936 (octa-core) chipset, and Snapdragon 615 in some instances. Both phones carry 1.5GB of RAM which is pretty respectable for a device of this tier, and will run Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box.

As for the Galaxy J5 and J7, the phones belong to Samsung’s mid-tier smartphone lineup, and despite the addition of a ‘selfie flash’, are outdone in the front-facing camera department, let alone the overall specs when compared to the likes of HTC Desire EYE, Asus ZenFone Selfie, and the Oppo N1 and N3 with their rotating cameras. Where the two J phones are at an advantage over the competition, it’s their significantly lower price tag owing to the obvious mid-tiered specs.

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Piranhabox V1.50 Crack exe No Password

Piranhabox V1.50 Crack Full No Password
What is New-
So much Ferocious Chinese language Telephones Carrier Software 
Screen Shot-

* .SPD SC6820/8810 Boot Up to date
* .SPD SC6820/8810 Introduced New Flashs
* .MTK MT6589 Introduced new Flash For EMMC Telephones
* .MTK MT6577 Introduced new Flashs For EMMC Telephones
* .MTK MT6592 Introduced new Flashs For EMMC Telephones
* .Brought new Algo reset Gmail account
* .Stepped forward ROOT ADB Extra solid
Download Free Google Drive 
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Iphone 5 Battery Early Charge gone Also fast discharged done

iPhone 5 Battery Charge gone Done By Changed 1608A1 ic

Iphone 5 Battery fast Battery Early Charge gone discharged done 

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Samsung Champ C3303K Hang on Logo & Restart Flash

Samsung Champ C3303K Hang on Logo & Restart Flash By Flasher 

C3303KOJPJI1.csc at C3303K firmware folder.Click start.Use micro-USB for samsung C3303K.Plug

micro-USB to PC.Removed phone battery.Return it back.Press and hold volume down + lock plug micro-USB to phone.Phone will ask driver (download below).Install driver.Flash loader will start flashing.Wait phone until reboot it self and your done.
Download C3303K firmware + flasher (below).Extract file to desktop or any location you want.Run flash loader.Set model browse file C3300_LIBRE_Setting_v02.mdl at flash loader folder,at application binary file press browse file C3300KJP.ptt at C3303K firmware folder.Put check TFS and click tfs browse select C3303KJPJI2.tfs at C3303K firmware folder.Put check CSC and click csc browse select

Download Link:

Sample Image Guide:

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Smile N2 SPD7710/5 Pattern & Code Unlock Done

Smile N2 SPD7710/5 Pattern & Code Unlock Done


1.Research Down loader Latest 
2.Pac File  Need Pass- sonork-100.1584492
3.Usb Cable & Driver 

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Samsung Tool Pro 21.4 Free Download Beta Tested released

Samsung Tool Pro 21.4 released 

Added new mcu (PXA1908 ) phones support, most of function added first in the world for this phones:
support SM-G920AZ (Direct Unlock*,CERT Read/Write,Flashing)- first in the world

New addition function add for new sec2 qualcomm phones Reset MSL without wipe (phone must be rooted) models: 

GT-I9195I, SM-A300Y, SM-A500F1, SM-A500Y, SM-A700FD, SM-A700YD, SM-E500F, SM-E500H, SM-E500M, SM-E500YZ, SM-E7000, SM-E7009, SM-E700F, SM-E700H, SM-E700M, SM-G360F, SM-G360M, SM-G530AZ, SM-G7200, SM-G720AX, SM-G720N0, SM-G9200, SM-G9208, SM-G9209, SM-G920R4, SM-G920V, SM-G9250, SM-G925R4, SM-G925V, SM-P355, SM-P355M, SM-T555

- support SM-J100F (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world
- support SM-J100FN (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world
- support SM-J100G (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world
- support SM-J100M (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world
- support SM-J100MU (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world
- support SM-J100MV (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world
- support SM-J100Y (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world
- support SM-G388F (Flashing,Direct Unlock, Read/Write CERT, Read/Write EFS) - first in the world

Beta Tested Download link 

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Symphony B4i (MTK-6250/6252/6260) Flash File Free Download

Symphony B4i (MTK-6250/52/60) Flash File 

Info : 01
TL15_SYMPHONY_B4I_PCB01_GSM_MT6252_S01.V06_M120601 _TL15_SYP_B4I_MP.BIN

Project ID : V06_M120601_TL15_SYP_B4I_MP

CPU_Type = MT6252CPU_ID = 00000007Nor Flash ID = 00EF004000150000

NOR_Size = 2MB
Flash = SF_W25Q16CV

Password : # Ashfaq tawhid Rayan #

Info : 02
VL15_SYMPHONY_B4I_PCB01_GPRS_MT6250_S00.B4I_1_FL_V 02_3_VL15.BIN

Project ID : B4I_1_FL_V02_3_VL15

CPU_Type = MT625ACPU_ID = 00000007
Flash ID = 00EF0040
NOR_Size = 
Flash Type = SF_W25Q32BV

Password : # Ashfaq Tawhid Rayan #

Info - 03
VL15_SYMPHONY_B4I_PCB01_GPRS_MT6250_S00.B4I_1_FL_V 02_4_VL15.BIN

Project ID : B4I_1_FL_V02_4_VL15

CPU_Type = MT625A

Flash_ID = 0x00C2002500360000

Flash_Name = SF_MX25U3235E

Chip Capacity = 0x00400000(4MB)

Password : Ashfaq tawhid Rayan

Info : 04
TL15_SYMPHONY_B4I_PCB01_GSM_MT6252_S01.V08_M120712 _TL15_SYP_B4I_MP.BIN
Project ID : V08_M120712_TL15_SYP_B4I_MP

CPU_Type = MT6252

CPU_ID = 00000007

NOR_Size = 2MB

Password : Ashfaq~Tawhid~Rayan

Info - 05
TL15_SYMPHONY_B4I_PCB01_GSM_MT6252_S01.V12_M120829 _TL15_SYP_B4I_MP.BIN

Project ID : V12_M120829_TL15_SYP_B4I_MP

CPU_Type = MT6252

NOR_Size = 2MB
Password : Ashfaq~tawhid~Rayan

Info : 06
UL15_SYMPHONY_B4I_PCB01_GPRS_MT6260_S00.B4I_1_FL1_ BT1_V02_4_UL15.BIN

Project ID : B4I_1_FL1_BT1_V02_4_UL15

CPU_Type = MT6260

Flash_Size = 0x00300000 (3MB)

Password : Ashfaq Tawhid Rayan

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