Samsung Grand 2 G7102 Dead Boot Repair Done By ATF

Samsung Grand 2 G7102 Dead Boot Repair Done By ATF 

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Dead Boot Repairing with SDC Image file: 
Download latest SDC Image from here: 

2. Writing SDC Image to Branded 8GB Micro SD card: 

3. Insert Micro SD card to Phone, make sure battery is fully charged, Press Volume Down + Home + Power button

Download Mode may NOT shown on phone's screen. So connect USB cable to phone and check in "Device Manager" if there is "Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device"

4. Odin3 now must detect the phone and you need to flash with PIT + NH6 4.4.2 ROM: 

Restarting phone after flashing is completed:

No eMMC Repair, No JTAG, No Soldering... 

All via simple SD card and ATF MT MART

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