Chinese Miracle-CM2 QLM/Qualcomm v1.06

Chinese Miracle-CM2 QLM/Qualcomm v1.06

List of supported CPU: 

SD 415/30/610/15/50/52/801, Forensic, Xiaomi

Qualcomm MSM 8210 (SnapDragon 200)
Qualcomm MSM 8212 (SnapDragon 200)
Qualcomm MSM 8610 (SnapDragon 200)
Qualcomm MSM 8612 (SnapDragon 200) 
Qualcomm MSM 8626 (SnapDragon 400) 
Qualcomm MSM 8909 (SnapDragon 210)
Qualcomm MSM 8916 (SnapDragon 410)
Qualcomm MSM 8926 (SnapDragon 400)
Qualcomm MSM 8929 (SnapDragon 415)
Qualcomm MSM 8936 (SnapDragon 610)
Qualcomm MSM 8937 (SnapDragon 430)
Qualcomm MSM 8939 (SnapDragon 615)
Qualcomm MSM 8974 (SnapDragon 801)
Qualcomm MSM 8952 (SnapDragon 650)
Qualcomm MSM 8976 (SnapDragon 652)

New CPU line activated: 
SnapDragon 415: Generic, Lenovo, Infinix and others
SnapDragon 430: Generic, Xiaomi, Lenovo and others
SnapDragon 610: Generic, Lenovo and others
SnapDragon 615: Generic, Lenovo and others
SnapDragon 650: Generic, Xiaomi and others
SnapDragon 652: Generic, Xiaomi, Vivo, Alcatel and others
SnapDragon 801: Generic, Vivo, Lenovo, OnePlus and others

FH Protocol updated, more platform types supported
Fixed support for some Secure devices (WileyFox,Lenovo)
MSM8909: Updated support for wide range of new devices - Alcatel, ZTE etc.
MSM8916: Updated support for wide range of new devices - Alcatel, Asus etc.
MSM8x10: Updated support for new devices
MSM8926: Updated support for new devices
MSM8929: Updated support for new devices
Improved FW Read/Write speed

New CPU support activated: 
Qualcomm MSM8929 (Generic and Secure types)
Qualcomm MSM8936 (Generic and Secure types)
Qualcomm MSM8937 (Generic and Secure types)
Qualcomm MSM8952 (Generic and Secure types)
Qualcomm MSM8974 (Generic and Secure types)
Qualcomm MSM8976 (Generic and Secure types)

Supported features: 
> Identify
> Read Firmware ( Infinity ) 
> Write Firmware ( Infinity )
> Write Firmware ( Factory RAW )
> Read PatternLock ( Android 4.x/5.x )
> Format FileSystem 
> Reset UserLocks 
> Forensic (PhoneBook Extraction)
> Reset FRP ( Google Reset Protection )

*FW reader engine updated 
Over 100+ new types supported
Brand-specific changes and improvements
File naming revised 
Verification improved

Unlike other "solutions", CM2 make FIRMWARE, not a stupid plain dump
That mean all device unique data, security etc. will remain safe after flashing

Forensic engine activated!
Allow extract phonebook directly from device 
New PhoneBook extraction engine activated!
Unlike existing one, used in CM2 modules, new engine allow:
1. MORE data extraction
2. DELETED records extraction 
3. Support ALMOST ALL CONTACT DATA extraction ( all numbers, messengers details, personal info etc. )
4. FULL UNICODE support ( all local/native specific symbols and etc will shown correctly )

NEW EXPORT engine: 

> allow export data in HTML format ( template can be edited by user needs )
> allow export vcf in common format, compatible with most native android CP or phone managers
> Export support unicode as well 

UserLocks reset engine updated

- Cyanogen support enabled (device do not stuck after reset), with all it extensions 
- Big data storage support improved (64-128 GiB)

Activated Xiaomi line support:
Read/Write Firmware
Read PatternLock
Reset Settings
Reset FRP
Remove MI Account (under test)

Service operations: 

Extended Flash IC details info for some platforms activated (Vendor, Name)
New "Format FS" mode: Reset MI Account (may not work on some models)
New "Format FS" mode: Forced Fix (useful for devices like Mi MAX and similar) 
New FRP Types supported

- FW reader engine updated
New types supported 
Report.log creation fixed
Verification improved

- Module has been re-written from scratch. More stable, faster and better
- Fixed issues on different system locales
- Some other improvements and fixes

Unlike other "solutions" CM2 make FIRMWARE but not a useless plain dump
That mean all device unique data, security etc. will remain safe after flashing

Download from here 

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Symphony W95 flash-file 100% Tested Free Download

Symphony W95 flash-file 100% Tested Free Download

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How Flash Xiaomi with MIUI Flasher Tool

How Flash Xiaomi with MIUI Flasher Tool

One more work of Engineers Mobile Indonesia that we need to appreciate. He is Roezt99, if among the Mobile Technician country that has a Facebook account Sandyaris Top (Daniel Punk) This name is already familiar. Already a lot of the work that can be enjoyed by Technician Mobile Indonesia and distributed free of charge / free. MIUI Flasher Roezt99 creation is quite simple and easy to use.

Flasher MIUI has several functions, among others:

* Flashing
* Mi Cloud
* Backup / Restore Modem1 and Modem2
* Backup / Restore FSG Part
* USB Boot Repair

To try MIUI Flasher Tool please download the material:
Download here 

How Flashing Xiaomi Mi 1 / 1S

Once downloaded Flasher.rar MIUI then extract. And for Xiaomi downloaded Firmware if berektensi tar or gz, then rename it first ektensinya be (.tgz) and then extracted. Results extract the firmware simply be copied into the firmware folder that is inside the folder MIUI Flasher.

Run MIUI Flasher.exe, it would seem it looks like this:

Then open the firmware we want to execute and locate the folder "images".
In this tutorial I will flash the Xiaomi Mi 1 / 1s, where the destination folder is located at:
C: \ MIUI Flasher \ Firmware \ Mi_1-1s_4.12.5_4.1_cn \ images

There are three methods to flash namely:
  • flash_all = Install ROM as well delete all user data and files in Internal memory storage Xiaomi device.
  • flash_all_except_data_storage = Install ROM and does not erase any data.
  • flash_all_except_storage = Install ROM and delete data user (except data stored in Internal Storage).
Please select a liking pal.

Turn off the phone Xioami first. Ensure batrey at least 80% charged. Next go into fastboot mode by press and hold Volume (-) and Power until the screen appears the image like this:

Then connect the USB cable to the phone Xiaomi. To find the phone is actually connected to the PC please do "Scan Phone" first, then click the " Executed ". Please wait until the flashing process is completed and the phone will reboot. 
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Samsung sm-N910c 6.0.1 to 5.1.1 downgrade done

Samsung sm-N910c 6.0.1 to 5.1.1 downgrade done 

andoroid 6.0.1 free downlaod 

Downgrade 5.1.1 free download 

N910C Root 6.0.1 

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Z3X EasyJTAG Updates Ready: EasyJTAG Just check inside

Z3X EasyJTAG Updates Ready: EasyJTAG Just check inside

GUI and CORE changes:

- Test GP HW partitions option without affecting OTP bit.
- option bypass Samsung Check. ( hold Shift while running operations )
- Universal eMMC Factory Format option. ( Force Erase via CMD42 ) *
- Samsung FW Server processing.

- Decreased eMMC identification time.
- Connection stability with eMMC 5.0+. ( Toshiba 32G+ )
- IO Level setup accuracy.
- box security and added some crypto engine functions.

- Bugs in internal partition engine.
- Random crashes in main software and plugins.
- fixed UAC logs and extcsd backups path. **

EasyJTAG Plus Software

30.11.2016 (ver

- Bug with the smart card at the start of the program.
- Bug when processing sparse image.
- Bug with extract data from contacts2.db.
- Writing for some MTK images.
- Bug when opening MTK-partitions in the Explorer.

- Reading tables from emmc on the Factory tab .
(for writing partitions if you do not have a header file).
- Support GP-partitions.
- Option "Write all eMMC Regions at once".
- Automatically sending crash reports.
- Button "Sending crash report for the current log".
- Notification in the system tray.
- Adding ROM2 when reading from the image.
- Automatic writing configuration for MTK after flashing.
- Some GUI changes.

01.12.2016 (ver
- Bug with switching ROM.
- Bug with access to GP-partitions.

08.12.2016 (ver

- Bugs that have been found through your crash report.

Box firmware 1.56 available.

Added Lot of devices (full support):

- Support: Lenovo A1000F (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Lenovo A3000F (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: LG F460K (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: LG H790 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: LG D290N (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Motorola MOTO X (ISP Pinout, Dumps) ***
- Support: Oppo T29 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung GT-I8262 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung GT-I9152 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung GT-I9192 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung GT-P5200 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SCH-J021 SCL21 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SGH-I257M (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SHV-E160S (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SHV-E370K (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SM-A300F (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SM-G800H (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SM-J320H (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SM-A500FU (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SM-G900T (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Samsung SM-T110 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: Huawei Ascend G526 L11 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: NOKIA Lumia 630 RM-978 (ISP Pinout, Dumps) ***
- Support: Xiaomi TD-LTE 2014021 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)
- Support: ZTE Z828 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)

Added Lot of devices (ISP support , please send us dumps):

- Support: SONY C4 E5333 (ISP Pinout) ***
- Support: SONY D5803 (ISP Pinout) ***
- Support: Acer TALK S A1 724 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: Alcatel OT-7043K POP2 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: HTC One M8 (M8Eh) 0P6B810 (ISP Pinout) ***
- Support: LG L40 DUAL D170 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: NOKIA Lumia 640 XL RM-1067 (ISP Pinout) ***
- Support: OPPO R811 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: OPPO R827 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: OPPO R829 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: OPPO R1001 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: OPPO R1201 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: OPPO R2001 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: OPPO R3001 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: OPPO R815 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: Samsung SHV-E330K (ISP Pinout)
- Support: Samsung SHV-E330S (ISP Pinout)
- Support: Samsung SM-J100ML (ISP Pinout)
- Support: Samsung SM-N750 (ISP Pinout)
- Support: Samsung SM-N900K (ISP Pinout)
- Support: Samsung GT-I8268 (ISP Pinout)

* This is experimental function that vary on eMMC standard
revision and vendor firmware version. For old card it format all data
and wipe some locks and fuses. New cards will only erase user area.

** If software have admin rights logs and backups is
stored in \Program Files\Z3X\EASYJTAG\. If software
running in normal mode ( Windows 8 and newer) they
will be in \ProgramData\Z3XAppsData\ folder.

*** Some phones require a recalculation of security areas or
write backups of original security areas. Try to always back-up
eMMC data before overwriting it by provided dumps.
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Samsung SM-J105h Combination for adb free download

Samsung SM-J105h Combination for adb free download 


Combination files for Samsung J105h-Series
After flashing as PDA part, ADB IS ACTIVATED 

Then you can reset FRP with any software...
copy link & paste on web button
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Huawei LUA-U22 MT6582 LUA-U22C328B005 Firmware

Huawei LUA-U22 MT6582 LUA-U22C328B005 Firmware 

Problem- For Repair Stuck on Logo Or UN-brick

platform: MT6582, cpu abi: armeabi-v7a
manufacturer: HUAWEI
board: LUA-U22, name: LUA-U22
brand: HUAWEI, model: HUAWEI LUA-U22
build id: HUAWEILUA-U22, version: 5.1 (LUA-U22C328B005)
build description: LUA-U22-user 5.1 HUAWEILUA-U22 C328B005 release-keys
build version: ALPS.L1.MP12.V1.2_WT6582.WE.SH.L1_P29
lcd: hx8379c_fwvga_dsi_vdo ili9806e_dsi_vdo
screen resolution: 854 x 480
main camera: ov5648_mipi_raw hi545_mipi_raw hi545_mipi_raw_bilu
 lens: fm50af_ov5648 fm50af_hi545 fm50af_hi545_bilu
front camera: gc2355_mipi_raw sp2508_mipi_raw
audio: amp_6323pmic_spk
touch: GT9XX
modem: wingtech82_wet_l_hspa_wt_pa_sky77590_band18_std

Imei null 

Repair done 

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